Plant Beautiful Trees

When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and hope. We also secure the future for our children."- Wangari Maathai 

  • Together with FT Kilimanjaro we educate and facilitate “How to grow trees in a sustainable and planet-friendly way”
  • Organise and provide infrastructure, tools and training with local agricultural and nursery tree experts
  • Children plant a mix of shade and fruit trees seedlings 
  • We motivate and encourage all tree planters to become successful by rewarding “The Green Fingers of the year” 

In Lower Moshi, living conditions are very difficult. Deforestation has led to sandy plains, a lack of shade, and no crops to harvest for food or income. It is a daily struggle for families to find sufficient food. 

Due to the burning sun and the lack of trees, the children cannot play outside during school hours and have to stay inside all day. 

This year, fruit and shade trees were planted at primary schools in Londoto, Kiruani, Mawala and Miwaleni. The shade provided by the trees will allow kids to play outside - vital for their physical and mental development. The harvest from the mango, papaya and guava trees in their veggie school gardens will enrich their lunches. 


Greenmanjaro has funded the planting of thousands of trees for Kiruani, Kiyngi, Londoto, Mawala, Mikocheni and Miwaleni, offering the villagers the prospect of an improved income and living conditions. 

Support us to plant trees around more schools and villages in Lower Moshi, and donate your “bouquet of fruit & shade trees”. 

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