Combat Plastic Waste

I’m sure you feel a responsibility to your kids, to leave them a planet that is the same or better than the one you’ve lived in. 

– Bella Lack. Ambassador for the Jane Goodall Institute. 

The fight against plastic waste is pivotal

Tonnes of discarded plastic bottles and waste seriously soil the iconic Kilimanjaro area. Plastic litters the streets, contaminates rivers and ruins the landscape.

For the love of Kilimanjaro, our mission is to raise awareness among schoolchildren; change the mindset of the future generation concerning plastic pollution in their environment through knowledge, compassion, and action. 

Radical Government action was taken in June 2019 by banning plastic bags, but more measures are vital. 

The Greenmanjaro Foundation supports children's education to remove plastic waste, supplying the machinery for children to create new sustainable products for their families and community. 

Children will learn to respect nature and the environment and spread the word. Without them, there will be no progress and no change! 

Our way of working 

Together with our partners, Roots & Shoots, we have added a new school programme to the curriculum, "Skills & Development." 

With your help, we can buy more recycling machines and reach out to more children. 

Good to know: 

  • Plastic can take more than one hundred years to biodegrade 
  • We throw away more plastic than any other material 
  • One million plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the world 
  • One hundred billion plastic bags are issued every year worldwide 
  • The total amount of waste littering Kilimanjaro is approximately 200 metric tonnes 


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