Rekindle Urban Forest

When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and the seeds of hope" – African Proverb 

  • Working closely together with Roots & Shoots from the Jane Goodall Institute and  tree experts, we coordinate a training programme “how to grow trees in a sustainable and planet-friendly way”  
  • Greenmanjaro financed Roots & Shoots youth to set up a nursery next to the Rau Forest, providing the necessary tools and infrastructure for the project

Located right next to the city of Moshi in the Kilimanjaro region, Rau forest is one of the few urban forests in Africa. Over the years, large-scale deforestation has affected this unique spot, with trees mainly chopped down for household purposes (e.g. firewood). The forest is now fully safeguarded by the government to avoid tree felling. 

Various indigenous tree species flourish in this area: Croton megalocarpus, Trichilia emetica, Acacia, Dakika Tatu and Mti Kunuka, Mikuyu, Mvule and many more. We plan to cultivate and plant 60,000 trees this year. 

We need your support to continue expanding reforestation. 

Donate your “bouquet of native trees” to Rau Forest. 

With your help, we can move mountains! 


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